March 18, 2012 at 10:17 pm

Son of champion Michael Andretti and grandson of racing legend Mario Andretti… started racing karts at age nine… enjoys relaxing at the family lake, playing tennis and riding anything with a motor.

marco2013AFull Name :
Marco Michael Andretti
Birth Date : March 13, 1987
Birth Place : Nazareth, Pa.Height 5’8”
Weight : 138 lbs.
Residence : Miami Beach, FL
No. 26 : Chassis Dallara, Engine Chevrolet



An exclusive interview with Marco answering questions sent in by fans.


What does the Andretti name mean to you?
To me, Andretti means racing and passion.

How old were you when you knew you were going into the family business.
Nine years old.

I know you have Italian-American parents and grandparents. Are you a proud Italian-American?
Of course.

Who taught you to drive and how old were you?
I can’t remember when I wasn’t driving something even at a very young age. As for who taught me, I think that I was born with some of the feel that I use in driving but, when you grow up in the Andretti household, there are no shortage of teachers.

Now that you have a few years experience of the fastest race cars, how does driving them mpact on your fitness.
Driving race cars at our level is a lot more physical than anyone can imagine. Fitness is paramount. Like most of the other drivers I have a full physical fitness regiment but the best training of all is actually seat time in a race car.

What does it feel like after a tough, physical race?
When I do well, I feel a real sense of pride like I have really accomplished something positive.

How do you keep fit? Are you good at other sports?
I do a lot of cardio-vascular work; running, biking and elliptical. My weight workouts consist of lighter weights with more reps. As I said before, testing and racing the car is the best way to keep fit for my job. As for other sports, I am pretty good at tennis.

Do you have to watch what you eat?
I probably don’t have to but I do watch what I eat and try to live a very healthy lifestyle.

It seems like a very busy life you lead. Do you get much time to yourself? Are you sick of living out of a suitcase?
Yes, I do get some time for myself but, after a day on my own, I am ready to get back to work. I don’t need much time off. I like moving around. I guess I get bored very easily. Suitcases are OK. No complaints there.

How technical are you? Can you do an oil change on a road car?
Sure I can the change oil but I wouldn’t classify myself as being extremely technical. I can’t say that I know how to put a motor back together, but I do try to have a full understanding of what everything does on a car and how the performance of the car can be impacted with adjustments.

Can you heel-and-toe?
No. Never. I left foot brake which I learned in go-karts.

Does your race contract prevent you from doing some recreational things – like skiing for instance?
There is some language in my agreement that precludes me from some activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving and the like.

What do you think of Lewis Hamilton and his rookie season at McLaren Mercedes?
The record he set with podium finishes may never be beaten. McLaren did everything right with him and groomed him at a very young age. The most important thing though is that he got a ton of laps in the F1 car before he ever drove in a Grand Prix.

Would you like to see your younger brother or sister become a racing driver – and what do they think about it?
Selfishly, I wouldn’t want to see them become race car drivers because I wouldn’t want to worry about them getting hurt. I don’t see that happening anyway. I see my brother as an engineer and my sister in public relations.

We see your mom Sandy at races all the time. How does she feel about watching you race?
She is very nervous. She prays a lot and, truthfully, that probably has saved my butt a couple times already. She is very supportive.

What do think about women in motorsport?
I think it’s great because it brings positive attention to racing and broadens the fan base.You once said that your racing heroes are your father, your grandfather and Ayrton Senna.

Which current drivers do you admire outside of the IRL?
Rubens Barrichello, Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa.

Who is the coolest – Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden or Casey Stoner?
Nicky Hayden because I know him but Valentino and Casey are bad asses too. Extremely talented and tough.

What’s the finest car you’ve ever driven?
A Ferrari 430.

What’s the oldest car you’ve ever driven?
I don’t normally like older cars unlike Dario Franchitti, so I really don’t have a good answer for this.

What’s the last book you read?
The Life of Ayrton Senna.

What’s on your iPod right now?
Everything. All kinds of music except country and punk. I like to put together CD mixes with techno, house, club, oldies, new rock and hip-hop.

If you were not a racing driver what career do you think you’d be good at?
I don’t know truthfully. That’s why I’m grateful there is a sport called racing.

Do you like talking to the media and being photographed all the time?
Actually, I’m kind of use to it. It comes along with the territory plus it’s good for all of our sponsors, our team and our series.


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